mayflower Studio

mayflower Studio gives you professionally recorded welcome messages, menu prompts and on-hold marketing messages to reach more potential customers. 

Your phone system is a key customer interface, but does it create a great first impression?  

A great caller experience starts with professionally recorded welcome messages, menus,  on-hold music and messages. As callers to your business typically spend about 20% of the call time on-hold, it’s important your caller journey and waiting times are optimised!

What is mayflower Studio?

Using auto attendant, IVR, queue and on-hold features within your telephony solution will help you manage inbound calls, lower caller abandonment and reduce frustration by improving caller experiences through informative and entertaining audio.

mayflower Studio provides so much more than just recordings! It includes everything you need to turn callers’ time waiting on hold into an opportunity to upsell your products and services and re-enforce brand values: 

  • 300+ professional voice artists with a range of languages and dialects
  • 400+ license-free music tracks
  • Advanced text-to-speech characters for any urgent or instant recording needs
  • Professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages and templates to help you create on-hold audio together with music
  • A wide range of pricing and subscriptions designed to suit every business need